Security Management in Mexico

The Issue

Our client, a multinational company with worldwide interests in mining and manufacturing, was becoming extremely concerned with the level of violence, corruption, theft, extortion, and kidnapping, which was affecting their ability to do business in Mexico. A member of the client’s management team had been kidnapped and murdered in the year prior to our involvement.  Our clients were not satisfied with the solutions being offered by other security and risk consultants. 360 Worldwide Security proposed a multilayered, hands-on approach to reducing the security risk our clients were experiencing via enhanced security management and the implementation of professional executive protection operations.

 The Solution

360 Worldwide Security deployed two highly experienced security managers to the client’s headquarters in Mexico, D.F. (Mexico City), to begin security management consultations. Our staff vetted over twenty different security providers in Mexico to find fully licensed and competent executive protection providers to recommend to our clients. We conducted in-depth reviews of security procedures and policies with key stakeholders and began the process of helping our client to improve their risk management stance. Shortly after beginning the project, we were informed that the client’s security management team was being dismissed. We were asked to assume security management authority over the client’s Mexico operations.

360 Worldwide Security personnel moved to the client’s operational headquarters in an area of Mexico that was widely known as the most violent region at that time. Our team, working with a Mexican security provider, established executive protection operations to protect executives and VIPs throughout the client’s operations, allowing increased travel to the operational headquarters. We began implementing internationally recognized, best-practice security procedures and reviewing all security subcontractors’ work. Improved internal investigations and intelligence procedures were put in place.

Over the period of our initial contract, we were able to provide training to all corporate security personnel and the executive protection providers. We reviewed the contracts of all security providers and made recommendations for changes where needed. Security was enhanced at mining and plant facilities. Our team established working relationships with senior leaders in the Mexican Navy, Army, and Federal Police. These relationships helped our client react appropriately to rapidly changing security risks in the region. Due to such changing circumstances, we received two extensions to our initial contract.

How Our Client Benefited

During a time of crisis, we were able to offer our client well-considered security solutions, which ensured their ability to conduct business operations in a high-risk environment. The level of professionalism within the security department was improved significantly. Our clients were able to make decisions based upon real-time intelligence compiled by their security department. Internal and external theft was significantly reduced. Executives were able to increase their travel to the operational headquarters. Enhancement to security at executive housing facilities ensured that company leadership was able to stay where they were needed when they were needed. Morale in the company was increased by the improved security conditions. Our client was able to spend the time necessary to search for a permanent solution to their security management vacancies. Through a mutual agreement, a 360 Worldwide Security employee was hired by the client as a permanent security manager. The client feels that they are now prepared to handle any future security challenges they may face.