Places of Worship

We can provide church volunteer safety team and emergency response training to protect your house of worship. By training your members or staff, you can increase the survival rate, provide safety standards, and reduce liability. 360 Worldwide Security will help equip your organization with a proactive approach on how to effectively handle a dynamic threat or active shooter event. Knowing what to do during an active shooter incident builds confidence and morale; practicing what to do during an active shooter incident can save lives. There are a variety of factors beyond your control that have an impact on your institution’s safety, and you must be ready with a well-rehearsed plan of action.

The safety and security of your congregation have to be something that your leaders take into consideration, from day-to-day operations to special events and weather emergencies. Places of worship have high visibility in their communities, and their leaders are often in the public view, as being seen as the manifestation of your organization's beliefs, which at times places them at risk for political hot topics. Sadly, in our current security climate, places of worship have become vulnerable to active shooter events, as we have recently seen.

The focus on situational awareness, workplace violence, and active shooter response continues to increase in nearly every industry. Our services in employee training, security response training, executive protection, and special event security can provide your facility with comprehensive coverage. From site assessments to volunteer security team training, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver a wide variety of security solutions that meet your needs.