HR Support for Employment Termination/Violent Threats

The Issue

360 Worldwide Security was contacted by a mid-size manufacturing firm concerning an employee who had made verbal threats against a human resources director. After an initial meeting with the client’s leadership team and a review of the employee’s personnel file, it was determined that 360 should be involved in the termination process. The client had discovered little about the employee’s previous history even though it had conducted a statewide criminal background check on the employee during the hiring process; 360, however, was able to determine that the employee had a criminal history in another state.

The Solution

360 personnel were present at strategic areas within the building and in the conference room during the termination process. Security personnel were dressed similarly to other employees present in the offices and were able to walk the former employee off the property without incident. 360 provided executive protection operations at the executive office building for a period of days after the termination to ensure the safety of all personnel. Most employees of the client company did not realize that 360 personnel were present during the operation, and those that did believed our team to be corporate security. 

While we were with the client’s human resources director on the day that the project was to be closed out, we received a call from the client stating that they had an escalating situation in their factory and needed our immediate assistance with the termination of a factory employee.  Three of our staff members were able to respond to the factory within minutes. An employee had made multiple threats against his supervisor. It was determined that the employee was known to carry a handgun despite a ban on firearms at the facility. 360 personnel assisted in the termination of the employee and his removal from the property without incident. We established executive protection operations at the executive offices and the factory as well as making several recommendations for the improvement of security at both facilities.

How Our Client Benefited

Our client was able to safely terminate the employment of two workers who had made violent, credible threats against company supervisors. During executive protection operations, we were able to reassure the executive staff and ensure that they maintained a high level of morale and productivity while leaving most employees unaware of our presence.