Executive Protection and Journey Management in Mexico

The Issue

Executives from an international petroleum company needed to conduct business meetings in multiple cities in Mexico. Executives would be arriving from multiple countries at various times and locations. Business continuity was a concern, as many high-level company executives would be present. The client did not want to rely solely on a Mexican security provider.

The Solution

360 Worldwide Security assessed all aspects of the proposed itinerary, making recommendations for the clients’ executive protection needs. Once a plan was agreed upon, 360 Worldwide Security contracted a trusted security partner in Mexico to provide security drivers, vehicles, and executive protection personnel.
A US-based 360 Worldwide Security executive protection specialist was deployed prior to the client’s arrival to conduct all advance work and manage the local security team.

Working with the client’s global security management, our Houston office coordinated all aspects of the trip, keeping the clients informed and communication channels open. The clients were met at the airport and taken to their hotels, meetings, and meals. Our executive protection specialist was in the clients’ hotel and available 24 hours a day to assist with their needs, as required. When one of the clients became ill, our specialist was able to support him by obtaining his required medication, allowing the client to continue with his journey and important meetings.

How Our Client Benefited

By lowering the risks associated with travel to a highly volatile region of the world, we were able to help our clients send top executives to face-to-face meetings with future business associates. By leveraging our local knowledge along with our extensive relationships, we provided the highest level of service and protection to our clients when they needed it. Our experience and working relationships, which allowed us to use trusted local security while guaranteeing the highest quality US/UK standards at a reasonable cost to the customer, ensured repeat business going forward.