Emergency Assessment in the Caribbean

The Issue

Our client, a nonprofit working closely with the US government, contacted us after security personnel from a large multinational security provider had been murdered at one of the client’s sites in the Caribbean. The existing security provider informed our clients that they could no longer provide security services at this location. Our client’s project came to a halt.

The Solution

360 Worldwide Security immediately deployed a security specialist to conduct an assessment of the location. Our specialist worked with local sources including law enforcement to determine the necessary steps that would have to be taken to secure this extremely high-risk location and reopen the project. After agreeing on a plan with our clients, we secured the site and instituted a convoy protection and escort program through the dangerous areas surrounding it. Our client was able to complete the project in a timely manner with no further loss of life.

How Our Client Benefited

Our assessment of the client’s site and the surrounding area revealed an extensive history of violence prior to their involvement with the location. This information along with the loss of the former security personnel made the continuation of the project impossible without adequate security. By securing the cooperation of the local police and addressing issues with community leaders, we were able to de-escalate existing tensions. Our team of US based security specialists deployed and worked with local security assets, keeping the client’s costs as low as possible. The timeliness of our response rapidly brought the project back online and it was completed on schedule. The success of this project led to additional work with the client.