360 Worldwide Security offers fully customized security and training solutions for corporations and families. We align ourselves with our client’s culture and incorporate advanced research and analysis, which separates us from more traditional security companies.

Executive Security Houston

Corporate Security

Professional Security Practices

360 Worldwide Security has worked closely with large multinational corporations and leading private organizations to lead, plan, and implement both strategic and immediate risk-mitigation and security-management solutions.

Because of our experience working within a variety of company cultures and structures, we can help align your security objectives with your business goals and thus achieve the best possible outcomes. We strive to keep your reputation, people, assets, and operations safe for the sake of continued long-term growth.

Using the Assess, Plan, and Provide model, 360 Worldwide Security diligently identifies the potential risk you face and delivers effective company-aligned solutions, keeping efficiency high. Our team provides complete support through consultation, risk assessment, on-site security, and training. Our flexibility and responsiveness enhance the client experience, along with regular 24-hour service. 

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Family Security Houston

Family Security

Specialized Security for Families

At 360 Worldwide Security, we understand that maintaining your lifestyle is the key to your happiness. To that end, we provide the most discreet services for you and your family. Our personnel are trained to stay in the background and to remain nearly invisible unless trouble arises. This commitment to discretion is a hallmark of the 360 Worldwide Security approach and one important reason for our longtime relationships with high-profile clients. We take every measure to ensure that your life remains your own, without interruption. Whether at home or abroad, let our skilled and experienced personnel safeguard your life while you enjoy it.

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VIP Protection Houston

Executive Protection

Professional and Discreet

Whether you are heading to the boardroom or boarding a jet, you can confidently rely on 360 Worldwide Security to seamlessly integrate with your movements while providing unparalleled safety and personalized service.

Our tireless recruitment and training efforts enable us to maintain our elite status with prominent families and distinguished executives alike. Our personnel have become world-renowned for their discreet and low-profile standard of security, serving our clients with an elevated level of comfort, care and safety.

Additionally, our close protection operations include a vast and diverse array of work with children and teenagers. Our accommodating methods have been applauded by our clients due to the quality of our personnel and the flexibility we possess, which allow us to unobtrusively assimilate into your life.

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Best Travel Security Company

Travel Security

Turn Key Travel Solutions

Wherever your travel plans take you, our logistics team can lead the way with security solutions that your lifestyle. The experts at 360 Worldwide Security can provide start-to-finish solutions for your travel arrangements. We will book, plan, and manage your trip to ensure your safety and comfort at every stage of your journey and on every mode of transportation. Our services include reviewing the threat environment at your destination, complete reviews of your itinerary, twenty-four-hour-a-day call support, executive protection, and emergency response services. We can customize a solution to meet your travel security needs.

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Security Risk Management

Risk Management Solutions

Improve Program Efficiency

360 Worldwide Security risk management experts are dedicated to identifying environmental risks, operational threats, and vulnerabilities that may affect your organization. Working within your corporate culture, our team will engage in detailed research to identify, assess, and manage the risks that confront your business or organization. We will maintain or improve your program efficiency by obtaining an assessment or detailed security report for supply chain management, procurement, transport services, HR, and routine operations. Protect your company assets by implementing strategy-driven security measures.

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Security Consultant

Embedded Security Management

Dedicated Security Support

Our Embedded Security Management service provides you with a select senior security specialist or multiple specialists to operate as security management within your organization; the security manager will work within pre-determined parameters and set initiatives and manage security operations accordingly.

This service is often provided in high-risk environments and situations in which immediate action or the use of internal staff is not a viable option. Utilizing outside management removes possibility of compromised reporting and the drawn-out complications related to hiring new management.

Our experienced security specialist will be able to identify and assess the risks that effect safety and security and work to protect your people, assets, and operations. Our solutions will be based on clients’ initiatives and be administered via responses that are appropriate to the needs of the organization.

The duration of the position depends on the lifecycle of the project and can be extended upon review.

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Security Investigations


Unfiltered Results

Our expert investigators are dedicated to helping you find appropriate realistic solutions. 360 Worldwide Security offers a wide range of investigative solutions acting independently, as an objective third-party or as an extension of departments resolving issues and challenges. Effective communication is a critical part of our ability to understand your need and preferred solution. Often we are approached with complex, and highly sensitive corporate concerns. Our clients range from Global 500 corporations, nonprofits, public agencies and high net worth families.

Our clients trust us to deliver unfiltered facts and information so that they can decide the best course of action. This commitment to discretion and confidentiality is a hallmark of the 360 Worldwide Security approach and is an important reason for our longtime relationships with high-profile clients and individuals of note.

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Event Security Houston

Event Security

Complete Care and Reliability

Our thorough and comprehensive approach ensures that every detail of your security strategy is methodically implemented in a way that fits your desired arrangements. Our meticulously customized solutions keep clients returning for all their VIP and event security needs.

Don’t get caught with ordinary security at your next event. Allow us to do what we do best by quickly adapting behind the scenes to provide the best possible event for you and your guests. While we specialize in safety and security, our extensive reach allows you to rely on us for complete care and reliability.

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360 Tactical Training

Reality-Based Training

Specialized Programs

360 Worldwide Security, together with 360 Tactical Training®, offers a variety of employee, staff, and emergency-response-team training. Our training division specializes in providing training solutions for corporations, government agencies, and security providers on an international basis. Our instructor cadre is exceptional; in addition to their military and law enforcement experience, all of our instructors must excel during a rigorous peer-reviewed certification process. This program stresses the ability to effectively teach complex physical actions and intellectual processes. Our courses highlight reality-based techniques that are easily performed regardless of circumstances.

Courses include Firearms Proficiency, Active Shooter Response, Employee Response to Active Shooter, First Aid, CPR and AED, Travel Safety, Executive Protection, Regulatory and Compliance Training, and Custom Training Programs. 

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