At 360 Worldwide Security, our approach is discreet and flexible. We take every necessary step to ensure your life remains your own, without interruption. At home or abroad, let our skilled and experienced personnel safeguard your life while you enjoy it.

Family Security

Residential Security

Always Within Reach

Because we know that real protection begins with trust and communication, we work with local sources to identify all risks and provide you with the highest standard of protection. This attention to on-the-ground intelligence ensures that we recognize incoming threats well in advance. Feel safe and comfortable in your home, knowing we’ll be ready behind the scenes. The proactive approach taken by the 360 Worldwide Security team is designed specifically to provide the most comprehensive protection while causing the least possible interference with your plans and activities.

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Travel Security

Travel Security

Turnkey Travel Solutions

Wherever your journey takes you, our logistics team can lead the way with security solutions that enhance your travel experience. The experts at 360 Worldwide Security can provide start-to-finish solutions for your travel arrangements. We will plan and manage your trip to ensure security and comfort at every stage of your voyage. Our services include a study of the threat environment at your destination, a complete review of your itinerary, call support 24 hours a day, executive protection, and emergency response services. We can customize a solution that meets your specific travel security needs.

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Executive Protection

Executive Protection

A Discreet and Professional Approach

Whether heading to the boardroom or boarding a jet, you can confidently rely on 360 Worldwide Security to seamlessly integrate with your movements while providing unparalleled safety and personalized service. Our tireless efforts in recruitment and training enable us to maintain our elite status with prominent families and distinguished executives alike. Our personnel are renowned for their discreet and low-profile standard of security, serving our clients with an elevated level of comfort, care, and safety.

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Travel Planning

Remote Support

Confidence Through Planning

Explore the world confidently with a first-rate support plan in place. Stay informed with our destination reports, which are made exclusively for you, tailored to your itinerary, and kept up-to-date with travel warnings, location details, and specific pre-departure advice. Travel anywhere in the world while staying connected via scheduled well-being check-ins or location monitoring for a rapid emergency response. Add an extra level of comfort by letting us manage cumbersome trip details, personal needs, and your overall safety. During your planning phase, our team of experts will work to ensure that an element of security is incorporated into every aspect of your journey, including medical and transportation services. Be it an Alaskan expedition or an African safari, rely on us to keep you safe during your next adventure.

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Crisis Planning

Crisis Response

Prepared for Disaster

Natural disasters and crises can occur anywhere and without warning. 360 Worldwide Security has established protocols that ensure the safety of our clients when disaster strikes. Additionally, we can create customized plans that take into consideration itineraries, special circumstances, and individual family needs. We create communication and contact strategies before these events occur so that you can enjoy a greater degree of comfort regarding the safety of your loved ones.

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Event Security Houston

Event Security

It's All in the Details

Don’t get caught with ordinary security at your next event. Allow us to do what we do best by adapting quickly behind the scenes to ensure the best possible event for you and your guests. While we specialize in safety and security, our extensive range of services allows you to rely on us for complete care and reliability.

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Tactical Training Houston


Constructing Confidence

Longtime members of your personal staff can often be the most trusted defenders of your safety and reputation. At 360 Worldwide Security, we offer specialized training for these staff members so that you can enjoy the highest degree of comfort and confidence in your residential security arrangements. This innovative program provides real benefits to your family and staff members alike.

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Security Consultant

Custom Solutions

Whatever, Whenever

The experienced professionals at 360 Worldwide Security can create custom solutions for unique circumstances. We will work directly with you to determine the exact nature of your security concerns and to create an exceptionally tailored solution that meets all of your needs and provides real protection for you, your family, and your loved ones. 360 Worldwide Security is a trusted partner you can rely on.

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