Safety on Standby


The 360 Worldwide Security team served a private client during a family vacation to Barbados. We were able to ensure absolute peace of mind for the entire family by providing our unique array of proactive security services.

Before the trip, we researched and produced a comprehensive local destination report and compiled a list of medical facilities on the island. We also vetted a local transportation company and enlisted their services for the duration of our clients’ stay. A 360 Worldwide Security Services Consultant was also assigned to provide the family with personal attention and monitor security arrangements during all phases of their trip. The consultant was dispatched to the island 24 hours in advance to ensure the security of the planned accommodations and personally make contact with the transportation company before the arrival of our clients.

While maintaining a low profile and a discreet presence, our consultant served as a chaperon for the couple's two young children, accompanying them on various activities and sightseeing trips to free up time for the parents to relax and enjoy their own vacation plans. The vacation went off without a hitch thanks to the careful planning and meticulous attention to detail provided by 360 Worldwide Security.

Global Response

Mumbai, India

During the early hours of November 26th, 2008, a vacationing family was trapped in their hotel room at the Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai, India. They were in need of immediate assistance as a militant organization had orchestrated an attack on several locations in the city, including the family’s hotel.

Our Director of Operations was contacted in the United States to provide help for the stranded family in India. We immediately mobilized a team of our operators from a nearby location in the region while our command center in the United States liaised with the family, providing them with critical advice throughout the tense situation.

Embassy, law enforcement, medical, transportation, and aviation representatives were all contacted in a timely manner. The family was evacuated to a secure location before experiencing undue panic and was able to continue their vacation.

Support in the Serengeti

Serengeti, Tanzania

We were contacted by a family who was planning an international safari. They wanted our advice and guidance on the security and safety measures they should take during their trip.

Although no physical security support was required, we worked closely with the family’s assistant to help plan the travel itinerary, which was broken down by day.

Analyzing each planned location, we identified medical facilities in the event of an emergency, coordinated with reliable transportation companies and vetted the backgrounds of drivers. All of our services were carried out with a low-profile approach.

Prior to departing on their trip, the family was provided with a 30-minute travel briefing and a tailored travel security report, giving them a wealth of key information at the start of their trip.

In addition, we provided a daily safety and well-being check, pre-arranged with the family, allowing us to periodically check in with them and monitor their location as they moved around the Serengeti. When unplanned itinerary changes occurred along the way, we were able to provide the family with up-to-date information on the new locations, allowing for a degree of flexibility.

Training the Trusted

Houston, Texas

An excellent example of the 360 Worldwide Security training program in action occurred when an executive requested added training for his longtime driver.

The driver had been trained in security driving, but lacked the knowledge and skills to provide other executive protection services for his employer. Rather than replacing this trusted employee or hiring additional personnel, the executive arranged for his driver to attend an executive protection course and related supplementary classes from the experts at 360 Worldwide Security. This training increased the driver’s capabilities, allowing our client to retain one of his most valued and trusted employees in a key security position.

Travel Companion

South America

When a client approached us for help with a young family member who wished to backpack alone through the mountains of South America, we were able to deliver a personalized solution to a delicate situation.

The young adult had a past history of irresponsible behavior; as a result, our clients were concerned for their child’s safety and well-being. An ordinary security detail was not an option due to the potential for unwanted attention.

Over a four month period and throughout four countries, 360 Worldwide Security was able to provide an unassuming companion with advanced security training and absolute familiarity with the culture, language and terrain, ensuring the trip was safe and successful.

International Safari Planning

Serengeti, Tanzania

We were contacted by a family planning an international safari and required security and logistic support for an upcoming 10-day family trip to The Serengeti, Tanzania. With a family of five making the trip, we first provided them with a travel security report that identified area’s to avoid, cultural awareness tips, local medical locations as well as on the ground resources that they could call upon in the event of an emergency.

We worked with the family assistant to identify both a reliable transportation as well as trusted safari company and provided our recommendations to the family for review. Appreciating the swift and diligent approach to our research, as well as and depth of the travel security report, the family requested one individual travel ahead to scout locations as well as act as their security/logistics facilitator on the ground once they arrived in country where after a long flight, they were able to transition smoothly into their vacation. With unplanned itinerary changes occurring along the way, the 360 consultant was able to provide alternative area options including accommodation while the family continued to enjoy the trip unhindered by logistic matters. 

Journey Management


The Issue

Executives from an international petroleum company needed to conduct business meetings in multiple cities in Mexico. Executives would be arriving from multiple countries at various times and locations. Business continuity was a concern, as many high-level company executives would be present. The client did not want to rely solely on a Mexican security provider.

The Solution

360 Worldwide Security assessed all aspects of the proposed itinerary, making recommendations for the clients’ executive protection needs. Once a plan was agreed upon, 360 Worldwide Security contracted a trusted security partner in Mexico to provide security drivers, vehicles, and executive protection personnel.
A US-based 360 Worldwide Security executive protection specialist was deployed prior to the client’s arrival to conduct all advance work and manage the local security team.

Working with the client’s global security management, our Houston office coordinated all aspects of the trip, keeping the clients informed and communication channels open. The clients were met at the airport and taken to their hotels, meetings, and meals. Our executive protection specialist was in the clients’ hotel and available 24 hours a day to assist with their needs, as required. When one of the clients became ill, our specialist was able to support him by obtaining his required medication, allowing the client to continue with his journey and important meetings.

How Our Client Benefited

By lowering the risks associated with travel to a highly volatile region of the world, we were able to help our clients send top executives to face-to-face meetings with future business associates. By leveraging our local knowledge along with our extensive relationships, we provided the highest level of service and protection to our clients when they needed it. Our experience and working relationships, which allowed us to use trusted local security while guaranteeing the highest quality US/UK standards at a reasonable cost to the customer, ensured repeat business going forward.

Emergency Assessment


The Issue

Our client, a nonprofit working closely with the US government, contacted us after security personnel from a large multinational security provider had been murdered at one of the client’s sites in the Caribbean. The existing security provider informed our clients that they could no longer provide security services at this location. Our client’s project came to a halt.

The Solution

360 Worldwide Security immediately deployed a security specialist to conduct an assessment of the location. Our specialist worked with local sources including law enforcement to determine the necessary steps that would have to be taken to secure this extremely high-risk location and reopen the project. After agreeing on a plan with our clients, we secured the site and instituted a convoy protection and escort program through the dangerous areas surrounding it. Our client was able to complete the project in a timely manner with no further loss of life.

How Our Client Benefited

Our assessment of the client’s site and the surrounding area revealed an extensive history of violence prior to their involvement with the location. This information along with the loss of the former security personnel made the continuation of the project impossible without adequate security. By securing the cooperation of the local police and addressing issues with community leaders, we were able to de-escalate existing tensions. Our team of US based security specialists deployed and worked with local security assets, keeping the client’s costs as low as possible. The timeliness of our response rapidly brought the project back online and it was completed on schedule. The success of this project led to additional work with the client.

Security Management


The Issue

Our client, a multinational company with worldwide interests in mining and manufacturing, was becoming extremely concerned with the level of violence, corruption, theft, extortion, and kidnapping, which was affecting their ability to do business in Mexico. A member of the client’s management team had been kidnapped and murdered in the year prior to our involvement.  Our clients were not satisfied with the solutions being offered by other security and risk consultants. 360 Worldwide Security proposed a multilayered, hands-on approach to reducing the security risk our clients were experiencing through enhanced security management and the implementation of professional executive protection operations.

 The Solution

360 Worldwide Security deployed two highly experienced security managers to the client’s headquarters in Mexico, D.F. (Mexico City), to begin security management consultations. Our staff vetted over twenty different security providers in Mexico to find fully licensed and competent executive protection providers to recommend to our clients. We conducted in-depth reviews of security procedures and policies with key stakeholders and began the process of helping our client to improve their risk management stance. Shortly after beginning the project, we were informed that the client’s security management team was being dismissed. We were asked to assume security management authority over the client’s Mexico operations.

360 Worldwide Security personnel moved to the client’s operational headquarters in an area of Mexico that was widely known as the most violent region at that time. Our team, working with a Mexican security provider, established executive protection operations to protect executives and VIPs throughout the client’s operations, allowing increased travel to the operational headquarters. We began implementing internationally recognized, best-practice security procedures and reviewing all security subcontractors’ work. Improved internal investigations and intelligence procedures were put in place.

Over the period of our initial contract, we were able to provide training to all corporate security personnel and the executive protection providers. We reviewed the contracts of all security providers and made recommendations for changes where needed. Security was enhanced at mining and plant facilities. Our team established working relationships with senior leaders in the Mexican Navy, Army, and Federal Police. These relationships helped our client react appropriately to rapidly changing security risks in the region. Due to such changing circumstances, we received two extensions to our initial contract.

How Our Client Benefited

During a time of crisis, we were able to offer our client well-considered security solutions, which ensured their ability to conduct business operations in a high-risk environment. The level of professionalism within the security department was improved significantly. Our clients were able to make decisions based upon real-time intelligence compiled by their security department. Internal and external theft was significantly reduced. Executives were able to increase their travel to the operational headquarters. Enhancement to security at executive housing facilities ensured that company leadership was able to stay where they were needed when they were needed. Morale in the company was increased by the improved security conditions. Our client was able to spend the time necessary to search for a permanent solution to their security management vacancies. Through a mutual agreement, a 360 Worldwide Security employee was hired by the client as a permanent security manager. The client feels that they are now prepared to handle any future security challenges they may face.

Executive Protection Support

Paris & London

The Issue

On the heels of the November 2015 Paris terror attacks, 360 Worldwide Security was contacted by a Silicon Valley–based global leader in ecommerce requesting supplemental executive protection support for a trip to Paris and London. Tensions were high, as the journey was scheduled to occur during the World Climate Summit and just days after the Paris attacks. Due to the timing, logistical support for this trip would be complex.

The Solution

Working very closely with our client’s Director of Executive Protection, we planned the trip based upon a fluid itinerary and prearranged all necessary logistical support personnel. Prior to the client’s arrival, our security specialist traveled to London and Paris to continue the advance work. Reviewing restaurants, meeting locations, and hotels while working with assigned drivers, our specialist was able to finalize an effective security plan before the client’s plane landed in Paris. After a short stay in Paris, the group traveled to London where our security specialist had already completed the required advance work. The journey was finalized without incident.

How Our Client Benefited

By utilizing our contracted security services, the client was able to supplement their existing executive protection department in order to meet the challenges associated with this trip without the onerous costs of employing a large executive protection team. The use of our specialist allowed the company’s Executive Protection Director to stay with his senior executives before and during the trip while 360 Worldwide Security conducted the crucial advance work and supported the client’s movement on the ground. Senior executives commented that they were glad the trip had gone so well and that the security agents played a significant role in the success.

HR Support for Employment Termination/Violent Threats

Houston, Texas

The Issue

360 Worldwide Security was contacted by a mid-size manufacturing firm concerning an employee who had made verbal threats against a human resources director. After an initial meeting with the client’s leadership team and a review of the employee’s personnel file, it was determined that 360 should be involved in the termination process. The client had discovered little about the employee’s previous history even though it had conducted a statewide criminal background check on the employee during the hiring process; 360, however, was able to determine that the employee had a criminal history in another state.

The Solution

360 personnel were present at strategic areas within the building and in the conference room during the termination process. Security personnel were dressed similarly to other employees present in the offices and were able to walk the former employee off the property without incident. 360 provided executive protection operations at the executive office building for a period of days after the termination to ensure the safety of all personnel. Most employees of the client company did not realize that 360 personnel were present during the operation, and those that did believed our team to be corporate security. 

While we were with the client’s human resources director on the day that the project was to be closed out, we received a call from the client stating that they had an escalating situation in their factory and needed our immediate assistance with the termination of a factory employee.  Three of our staff members were able to respond to the factory within minutes. An employee had made multiple threats against his supervisor. It was determined that the employee was known to carry a handgun despite a ban on firearms at the facility. 360 personnel assisted in the termination of the employee and his removal from the property without incident. We established executive protection operations at the executive offices and the factory as well as making several recommendations for the improvement of security at both facilities.

How Our Client Benefited

Our client was able to safely terminate the employment of two workers who had made violent, credible threats against company supervisors. During executive protection operations, we were able to reassure the executive staff and ensure that they maintained a high level of morale and productivity while leaving most employees unaware of our presence.