Safe Havens and Routing

A peaceful vacation day can quickly turn into a disaster, where would you go or, decide to take refuge in an emergency situation? One of our 360 Tactical Training instructors, Kent O’Donnell recently wrote an article for the Tactics and Preparedness newsletter. The article “Safe Havens and Routing” covers the planning of the location of a safe haven, route planning, exit plans, practical application and general emergency plans. Mr. O’Donnell explains that when he travels for leisure, he picks his hotel and the sites for activities then chooses his safe haven using the same guidelines as for business travel. He says, “If you are less familiar with routes and locations, then seeking a safe haven in an emergency will be difficult.”

Kent O’Donnell is a former Recon Marine and a retired police sergeant. He spent most of his career on his department’s SWAT team. Kent performs risk and security audits and training throughout West Africa, South America and Europe and provides weapons and tactics training around the world. Kent worked on a U.S. government project in Libya for six months and currently serves 360 Worldwide Security.

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