Mexico’s Security Conditions

Our private security company, based in Houston, is well-versed in Mexico's security conditions.

Mexico offers businesses excellent opportunities to access a large labor market and rich national resources. Many foreign nationals live in, work in, and travel to Mexico without incident. Nevertheless, security conditions vary widely by region. It is important to understand the risks associated with the region you will be operating in, as well as those associated with your business activities.

Transnational Criminal Organizations

The Mexican government is currently engaged in a struggle against transnational criminal organizations (TCOs). These criminal organizations can no longer be viewed solely as drug traffickers. Their profit centers include the theft of iron ore, coal, oil, gasoline, timber, and agricultural products. They are widely involved in the extortion of the Mexican citizenry, small businesses, and multinational corporations. Kidnap for ransom has become a mainstay in most areas. The influence of the TCOs extends to local, state, and federal government officials, including law enforcement. Armed robberies, kidnapping, carjackings, auto theft, credit card fraud, and other street crimes are commonplace. Criminals do not necessarily seek foreigners out; however, they do select victims based on the appearance of prosperity. Violence, including murder, is widespread and can occur anywhere. It is estimated that more than 60,000 people were killed in drug-related violence between 2006 and 2012. According to the US Department of State, 81 US citizens were reportedly murdered in Mexico in 2013.

Security Risks

The extortion of businesses, including foreign companies and their employees, has become commonplace. TCOs have attacked foreign businesses for not complying with extortion demands. Widespread violence, extortion, and kidnapping, coupled with perceived government inaction, have lead to the emergence of armed citizen self-defense groups (Autodefensas) in several Mexican states. As of January 2014, these groups were operating in at least five states, including Guerrero, Mexico, Michoacan, Tabasco, and Oaxaca. Government forces, self-defense groups, and TCOs regularly conduct military-style operations, including roadblocks throughout these states. Highway travel can be extremely dangerous. It is recommended that business travelers fly when possible. Government forces have been very successful in degrading the leadership structures of many TCOs. However, these actions have fragmented the TCOs into smaller cells/gangs. We believe that this may lead to further instability in some regions, as well as a rise in street crime, home invasions, kidnapping, and extortion. Caution should be used when selecting lodging. Make sure you understand the risks associated with the areas in which you will be living and working. In many areas, we recommend executive protection be used. In most areas, we recommend that a trained security driver be used.

360 Worldwide Security - Mexico

With ongoing security management operations in Mexico, 360 Worldwide Security is acutely aware of the current risk environment. Our team has built a strong network, which includes relationships at the leadership level within the Mexican security forces and private security contractors. Our experience and capabilities include all aspects of risk management for large multinational corporations across multiple regions of the country. Our team has the know-how to improve your security assets or assist in the development of new capabilities. Our company has vetted nineteen Mexican security providers and has intimate knowledge of their capabilities. We have hands-on experience in managing extortion attempts and kidnapping for ransom in Mexico.

Our Mexico team is made up of highly experienced former law enforcement and military special operations personnel who are very adept at working within multiple corporate cultures. They are native Spanish speakers with extensive security connections throughout Mexico and Latin America. Our Latin American manager is currently based in Mexico.
Whether your company is well-established in Mexico or you require assistance in developing a new venture, 360 Worldwide Security can help you.

Our capabilities in Mexico include the following:

  • Security Management
  • Security Consulting
  • Kidnap and Ransom Consulting
  • Executive Protection
  • Intelligence
  • Investigations
  • Threat Assessment
  • Security Reviews
  • Asset Protection
  • Training and Mentoring
  • Evacuation Planning and Reviews

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